Electromobility devices development and production.


  • 1993

    Company foundation

    - Under natural person Ing. Karel Pintr.

  • 2000

    Foundation of company PINTR EP s.r.o.

    - First own products.

    - Electrical units supply for Škoda Ostrov.

  • 2004

    Supplying first traction converters with control.

    - České Budějovice, Brno, Bratislava, Žilina.

  • 2011

    RAIL ELECTRONICS CZ s.r.o. company foundation

    - Input of new shareholders.

  • 2016

    Investment of company ENERGETICKÝ A PRŮMYSLOVÝ HOLDING, a.s.

    - Cooperation with company SOR Libchavy spol. s r.o.

RAIL ELECTRONICS CZ s.r.o. is Czech company focused on developement, manufacturing and service of devices for electromobility. It offers electric drives, electrical supply, traction converters and electrical equipment for electrobuses, trolleybuses and vans of different sizes. Production of the company based on its own development. Products quality is proven by thorough testing of all electrical and electronic equipment and long-term commitment in practice. The quality of services is linked wits a flexible response to customer requrements. RAIL ELECTRONICS CZ s.r.o. follows long trolleybuses manufacturer ŠKODA Ostrov tradition.

The company history dates back to 1993, when the company operates under natural person Ing. Karel Pintr. In 2000, company PINTR EP s.r.o. was founded. From the very beggining the scope went beyound Czech Republic boundaries. First own product were electronic starters (softstarts) of electronics drives. Production graduated to supplying electronic units for in these days monopoly trolleybus manufacturer. Company was important supplier in manufacturing trolleybus 21Tr. An important chapter in this cooperation was the supply of units to San Francisco. The culmination of collaboration with Škoda Ostrov was the development and supplying control system of main trolleybus drive with IGBT transistors for control one or two motors. This control system was implemented in last two articulated trolleybuses produced by Škoda Ostrov for the Transport company České Budějovice. At that time was decided to start production of several years developed trolleybus with assynchronous motor in Plzeň and to cease production at Ostrov. Since 2004 company PINTR EP s.r.o. supplied power and control part one or two motor trolleybuses. These drives were used in the modernization of vehicles in České Budějovice, Brno, Bratislava, Žilina.


RAIL ELECTRONICS CZ s.r.o., | IČ: 25248375 | DIČ: CZ25248375 | Phone: +420 353 176 471 | E-mail:

Headquarters | RAIL ELECTRONICS CZ s.r.o., U Nemocnice 1428,363 01 Ostrov (GPS: 50.3121762,12.9550182)

director, technical director
Ing. Karel Pintr
T: +420 353 176 472
Ing. Robert Musil
T: +420 353 176 473
Ing. Stanislav Koucký
T: +420 353 176 474
Michaela Tvrdá
T: +420 353 176 471
Jaroslav Hála
T: +420 730 138 799, +420 739 043 969